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Random Stuff About Me

Nate and MeThis is me and my crazy boyfriend, Nate, at my best friend Lecia’s for the WVU/Marshall football game

The city of Charleston, WV (for those who don’t live here or have never been here)

Pen and InkGuache PaintWatercolorAcrylic  This is some of my favorite artwork I’ve created over the years.  When  I was in high school, I used everything from pencil, clay, paint, ink, fabric, and eggshells.

Cat Me This is my best friend Cat and myself in college.  We were dressed in our 80’s gear to celebrate my birthday at The Breakfast Club in Charlotte – A three level all 80’s bar with 80’s inspired named drinks such as “Purple Rain”, “Long  Island Mr. T and “Like a Virgin”.  A must see for any 80’s fan in the Charlotte Area!

Pat, Lecia, Me Some of my best friends – Pat and Lecia and myself, being our normal silly selves. We can’t take ourselves seriously when we’re together.  A lot of good times and inside jokes!


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