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You’ve Got Spam

Posted on: July 19, 2009

Spam.  It’s not just a mystery meat in a can.  It’s now a message being thrown and shoved at people who would otherwise not receive it.  Most spam is simply a bunch of commercial advertisments for bogus products, get rich quick schemes, and semi legal services.  It’s been reported that almost 2/3s of all emails sent are spam messages! Don’t believe it?  Check out your own email account.  In fact, I’m going to do so right now and see what’s in there.  Hm, look at the goodies: spam piece from Direct Buy on Home Renovations (I don’t even own my own home), Credit Crisis information, weight loss emails (Great, now I have SPAM telling me that I need to lose weight), offers from Macys (I don’t shop at Macy’s), and ASPCA Newsletters (the ONE thing I signed up for). So out of the 5 emails I received in the past 5 hours since the last time I checked my emails, 4 of those emails were spam.

So if we’re not signing up for this stuff, how do spammers get our email addresses?  In a surprisngly scary number of ways:

  • Posts to UseNet with your email address
  • Mailing Lists
  • Web Pages
  • Various Web and Paper Forms
  • Ident Daemon
  • Web Browser
  • IRC and Chat Rooms
  • Finger Daemons
  • AOL Profiles
  • Domain Contact Points
  • Guessing and Cleaning
  • White and Yellow Pages
  • Access to the Same Computer
  • Previous Email Address Owner
  • Social Engineering
  • Address Books
  • Buying Lists from Others

To check out more details on this list go to http://www.private.org.il/harvest.html




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