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Scam Mobile Marketing?

Posted on: July 19, 2009

The next frontier – mobile marketing.  It’s no lie that more and more people are spending time away from home thus away from televisions and radios and some times, even the computer.  How are these people getting reached?  Through their cell phones.  Text message ads are becoming more common.  While they may be somewhat annoying depending on their timing in your everyday life (nothing like getting a text message ad in the middle of a business presentation, right?) they’re generally harmless.  Now our phones are being used against us in a sick ploy to sell us things we don’t want.  What makes this so much worse than more modern mobile marketing is that they’re calling us!

*Ring Ring!* Oh look, a number I don’t quit recognize.  I wonder who it could be? (Answer the Phone) “Hello?” “This is second notice that the factory warranty on your car is about to expire.”  What to do next? Angrily hang up? Freak out about not having a warranty on your car and actually handing over money for something you don’t need or even have in the first place.  Who’s the victim in this game?  Unfortunately it’s the elderly who’s targeted.  These messages come through on cell phones, which scammers are betting and relying on the fact that most elderly people who have cell phones don’t know how to fully use them.  A lot of the older generations aren’t aware of how to send or receive texts and may not have these capabilities on their phones so that’s why they call.  They also use an automatic machine caller who picks numbers at random.  If you get a spunky young adult like myself on the other end, you’re going to get hung up on.  If you have a sweet grandma on the other end, chances are she’s going to listen, be frightened, and pay up.


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