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…A Crummy Commercial?

Posted on: July 19, 2009

When Ralphie snuck an ad for a Red Ryder BB gun into his mother’s women’s magazine he had a genious idea.  He thought his mom would go about reading her magazine and be dooped into reading a sales pitch.  Truth is there have been times where I’ve gone flipping through a magazine and seen an article, or what I thought was an article, and realized I’d just spent 2 or 3 minutes reading an advertisement.  How could this be?  There is only one answer – Advertorial.   An advertorial is an ad that takes on the appearance of an article.  Ah, ever underestimate the sneakiness.  Is it really ethical to trick people into reading an advertisement?  At least with television or the radio, if a viewer or listener doesn’t want to watch or listen they can turn it off or change the channel.  With advertorials, a reader may be half way through the ad they didn’t want to read in the first place before they realize it’s an ad.

This is where the ethical problems start to araise. Yes, they are misleading, but most do have some sort of educational value to them.  The blured ethical line depends on how they look, where they’re placed, and what they say.  A few suggestions that have been made to keeping consumers aware of what’s an actual editorial and what’s an advertorial are a few simple changes such as: using “Paid Advertisement” lables, make the advertorials distinctive by using fonts that are not used in typical news editorials, and even offering a third party disclaimer.  Is it really so much to ask as a consumer not to be tricked into reading ads? 

Check Out More of Advertorials from http://www.clickz.com/3510076






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