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Revolution in Cell Phones

Posted on: July 13, 2009

One of my favorite subjects in my emerging media class has been the use of online videos to market.  How often are we really drawn in to buy something from an online video though?  I recently had a big blast of buzz and online videos recently overwhelm my purchasing powers.

I was at work on a relatively slow night.  I know several people who have iPhones and them seem to like them.  I turned to my coworker and asked her if she liked hers as well.  She told me that she loved hers, but if I was wanting one, I should hold off.  Why would she tell me that on a phone she loves so dearly?  Word of mouth buzz just about kicked me in the face when she told me there’s suppose to be a new iPhone coming out that will allow you to take actual videos.  If it was something I was interested in, she said, I should wait.  Well this was the first I had heard of it.  The next day I mentioned the amazing new iPhone to another co-worker who had the same iPhone 3G.  I had just participated in buzz and word of mouth marketing sharing this information which was completely new to her. 

Later that day, I found myself on the apple.com website.  On the website there’s some pretty pictures of the new iPhone along with 2, not one, but 2 online videos for the new iPhone 3GS. The first video is the television ad.  The second video is a guided tour of the iPhone 3GS. This 14 minute video is a beautiful ballet of how to use all of the features and what makes iPhone3GS a superior phone experience.  Even though it’s a tour of how to use the iPhone3GS, it’s really a very long commercial on why iPhone 3GS is the revolution in communications.  It certainly got my attention and I will soon be purchasing this phone next month when I can upgrade my plan!

See For Yourself!


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