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Might as Well Face it You’re Addicted to MySpace

Posted on: July 13, 2009

I always took people who said they were addicted to myspace very lightly.  I could easily say I’m addicted to it and not really mean it.  MySpace for a lot of people I know is just something they do when they’re bored.  They’ll change their backgrounds, add some pictures, update their status, maybe play some application games to pass the time.  If I had time to pass I would do the same thing.

Little did I know, MySpace Addiction is apparently a real thing.  I ran across an article about it on, of all sites, a rehabilitation center webpage. Addicted to uploading pictures, updating status moods, and changing backgrounds? Really?  Not so much.  Turns out MySpace addiction is an actual disease like a drug or alcohol addiction.  So how does it happen? How does a person get sucked in? Can they break free?

Who does the addiction effect?  We all know the people who refuse to follow the social networking trend.  For weeks, months, maybe even years these social rebels have held their own in the fight against owning a social network page.  Then one day, they crack under the massive amounts of peer pressure and sign up and make their own profile, afterall it’s harmless – right? It’s not so scary.  You can make it your own with different layouts and backgrounds, add your pictures, likes and interests, and even write a small blog to tell the world what’s new with you and how you’re feeling. Everyone wants to be noticed and feel appreciated and wanted and if you’re good at MySpacing, you can have hundreds of friends in weeks!


This unfortunately is where the addiction begins. MySpace actually feeds the part of our natural psychological needs to be accepted and acknowledged.  Sure you have 200 friends on MySpace, but why do all of your other friends have 500 friends?  Are you not good enough to have 500 friends? You need more friends. So you make vicious cycles trying to whore yourself out to people you don’t even know and bands and companies just trying to get higher numbers.  That time you’re spending trying to create yourself on the internet is taking away from time spent doing homework, work, time with your family, or even *GASP* your real life friends.

The mass appeal of the internet is that we can be whatever we want to be.  It gives the user a mask to act out in ways they may not in real life.  Some people may be completely happy with the way they are.  However, addicts are more than likely going to be the “geek” or unpopular kids in school.  The internet is going to give them the chance to be popular.  They can easily send a message to people they may want to get to know better online rather than gather the courage to talk to them in real life.  Users don’t even have to put pictures of their real selves online.  Hence why we get so many 50 year old perverts pretending to be 19 year old girls.

MySpace also creates unnecessary drama.  We’re given options to delete friends, even at the end of a bulletin post like whatever they said was so offensive we’d have to delete them. We can also choose to approve or disapprove friend requests.  Isn’t that going to hurt someone’s feelings even more if they’re not important enough to be approved by people they want to be friends with. Then all of the drama that comes along with deciding who gets the covetted Top 8 spots and in what order!

Good news, there are steps one can take to try to break their MySpace addictions. 1 – try to contact friends via phone or email, don’t use MySpace to contact them.  2 – regulate how much time you spend on MySpace so you don’t waste endless hours on it.  3 – tell someone you trust about your efforts to stay away from MySpace and let them hold you accountable.

For more MySpace Addiction Information go to


Fun Quiz http://www.picgames.com/forum/myspace-addict-quiz.php


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