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Veoh Over YouTube

Posted on: July 2, 2009

I have recently discovered Veoh.com.  During this past week’s discussion in class we were talking about pass along media.  Well, I figured a lot of people would be talking about YouTube as an amazing source of online videos.  They didn’t disappoint me.  A lot of talk about YouTube.  An article I read earlier this week mentioned that there are more places than just YouTube to check out videos.  I did a Google search to see what else is out there. I was amazed by the amount of places to check out online videos.  As much as I use Google, I wasn’t aware that Google has a site just for videos.  There’s also MSN Videos and the highly advertised Hulu. 

The one that caught my eye was Veoh.com.  A viewer can watch the  movies and TV show episodes that are provided or they can search for funny clips, commercials, popular videos just as they can on YouTube. However, Veoh has a cleaner looking website. Veoh.com is a lot more organized than YouTube.  Provided shows and movies are categorized and put into subcategories.   A viewer can still search for videos as they did with YouTube.  A feature that I really like and may switch me from being a faithful YouTube user is the searches on the side of a video.  When a video is playing, a viewer can still search through all of the other search results without the current video stopping or disappearing.  On YouTube a viewer can scroll through and view related search videos on a little scroll bar beside the video, but no more than that without losing the video.  So this new tool on Veoh is the main swayer in my decision for where I search online videos at.

Check out Veoh at www.veoh.com



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