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Hollywood Blames Texts?

Posted on: June 26, 2009

This is the first in my 2 part blog about texting.

Texting has become the new word of mouth advertising.  It’s technologically savvy and trendy.  Once the world started texting there is no signs of it ever stopping.  Texting keeps people in touch with one another.  Sometimes it’s inappropriate to answer your phone or have your phone ring, so you simply text.  Even if you have a small question, people find it easier to text than pick up the phone and dial the number to ask.  Not only is texting being blamed to help students cheat on tests with ease, but texting is being blammed for failed box office numbers.

Movies are bombing, yet the casts and plot and originality are not being blammed for it.  In this day in age, movies are not going to be as successful if there is no originality to it.  Think about all the remakes lately: Hairspray, Halloween, Friday the 13th, Amityville Horror, and the upcoming remakes of Alice in  Wonderland, Nightmare on Elm Street, and a big screen adaptation of Stephen King’s IT.  Movies are becoming remakes of movies that were big at one point in time. 

An article written in 2003 says that it’s Hollywood execs that are blaming the text message movement for their poor box office numbers.  Before text messages, word of mouth opinions about movies moved more slowly.  People couldn’t send out a mass text directly from the movie to give details about the movie, the plot, the ending, or whether or not they liked it.  To give a personal glimps into what I’m talking about, I was out with my boyfriend when we both received a text message from our friend telling us the “end” to Terminator Salvation.  What a crappy thing to do! I was really looking forward to seeing that movie and I felt like it had been ruined.  What was the point in going if I already knew what was going to happen?  I decided that maybe my friend was lying to me about the ending (I hoped the end wasn’t as he told me it was) and being a loyal Terminator fan (I sat through the 3rd one without leaving midway through, I think that’s pretty loyal) I went anyways.  I loved it and my friend lied to me about the ending.  If I hadn’t been such a fan of the Terminator series or a Christian Bale fan I may have skipped the movie altogether just because of a text.  Now I don’t think Hollywood execs can blame text messages for such bombs as Gigli or Terminator 3, they were just bad movies to begin with.

What worries the Hollywood Execs is that they know that word of mouth advertising is always popular and people respect the opinions of their friends.  Texting is instantenous and it’s uncontrollable.  It use to take a while for bad word of mouth to trickle out so a movie’s opening weekend would still produce a good deal of money.  Now, an opening day can spell out disaster for a movie that was less than stellar to begin with.

Read More at  http://blogcritics.org/video/article/hollywood-execs-blame-texting-for-summer/



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