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Posted on: June 24, 2009

First I want to apologize for my absence on my blogs.  I haven’t wanted to post some half-wit blogs that I couldn’t gather my thoughts to.  I’ve also been in the midst of conducting an experiment on my own.  A lot of lessons in class have dealt with search engines.  I have conducted an experiment with Google and Bing.com.

In my experiment I’ve taken some time away from the blog and concentrated on class work for both of my classes Emerging Media and Advanced Public Relations.  Both classes require a lot of research on the Internet.  I’ve used two search engines to find what I need for both classes.  This is what I’ve found:

I almost always go to Google first.  It is a subconscious habit.  Google has been around for so long and I’ve used it for so long for everything that I’ve realized that it’s now just a force of habit.  I have to consciously make myself go to Bing.com.  I’ve also noticed that I never add the “.com” when talking about Google, yet with Bing it almost needs the “.com” or people have no idea what I’m talking about.  I tend to use Google as a verb, “I’m going to Google it.” You can’t really say, “I’m going to Bing it.”

I like the fun layout to Bing.com because it makes it more entertaining for me.  Since I’m constantly on a search engine looking for something it’s a lot nicer to be greeted with a fun or beautiful image as I search.  All of the white space on Google starts to hurt my eyes after awhile.  Google is a very clean easy to navigate search engine.  They have clearly marked sponsored ads.  Bing.com also has very well marked sponsored ads.  There are some features of Bing.com that I find to be helpful such as their related searches tool and search history tool.  It makes searching very convinient.  My search results are also broken down into subcategories which makes it easier to find exactly what I want.  Sometimes in researching for class projects I’ve found that there will be something I’m searching for on Google that I can’t find, but can find easily with Bing.com.  Overall, I know I will never stop using Google, but I can see myself using Bing.com a lot more and cutting into the time I spent on Google.  I will probably switch to using Bing.com when looking for something very specific, while I will probably stick to Google to find quick answers for everyday use.

There have been others to conduct their own experiments with Google and Bing.com.  You can check out their results at:






1 Response to "Bingoogle"

I am pretty new the concept of “binging” something myself. I have made every effort to use Bing for my searches (still can’t be my Yahoo! yet) as a way to test drive the new hype. I have to say that I am pleasantly surprised at the “decision making” engine. The homepage is beautiful. Each day I anticipate the new homepage picture. I like the “search cloud” on the bottom which lets you know exactly how popular a search is.

The running track of search engines is a nice feature. Also, what other search engine pays you to search and purchase. Bing’s cashback features pays you for buying things online. It may not be much, but no one else is doing that.

This week I searched for a solar car fan and was directed to Ebay where I was offered 8% back on my purchase. Boy was I excited until I read the next search down. It was a review about the fan recommended by Ebay. The review basically said the fan was a piece of junk.

( http://reviews.ebay.com/Truth-about-Auto-Cool-Solar-Ventilation-System_W0QQugidZ10000000001543224)

So, Bing help me make the decision not to buy the fan that Ebay recommended.

I also searched for a flight from Atlanta to Miami and Bing let me know that the price was a steal right now and expected to rise in the very near future. That’s pretty cool.

Even Apple’s founder Woz (Steve) praises Bing.

“I tried Bing last night about 2 AM and was very happy with the results but it’s too small a test to draw conclusions from. I mainly wanted to see if it was lousy off the bat, but it seemed very nice. It got the sort of results I most wanted at the top. The visual appearance drew me to the right elements in the right ‘order’ (priority). Secondary searches were successful as well (using the categories to the left)”


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