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Are They Really the Best?

Posted on: June 5, 2009

This week in class we’ve discussed websites.  What makes a good website, how it needs to be easy to navigate, and that a creative design is key.  I went to my trusty Google search engine and I came across www.Time.com which is Time Magazine’s website.  On their site, they named the best websites of 2008.  Of these websites the following few are listed: iliketotallyloveit.com, yahooanswers.com, askmen.com, concreteloop.com, popsugar.com, ratemyprofessors.com, picnik.com, urbandictionary.com, hulu.com, and freerice.com.

Then I came across a website that I could not pass up, Web Pages That Suck. “Web design is an art. Great web design occurs when design and content are seamless and you don’t notice its greatness. With great web design, it’s easy to find the information you need. The content makes you want to return again and again and, most importantly, great design gives credibility to the company/organization. Like every year since 1996, I hoped that this year would be the year when we’d only have 10-15 sites that were truly awful. Dream on. I suspect I had 130+ candidates for the top ten. I haven’t seen so much crap since the guys at Evergreen Plumbing opened my septic tank and let me look inside. Once again, I had to create multiple lists to cover all the suckiness. Unlike previous years, we’re starting in ascending order. The Worst Web Site of 2008 is…” (www.webpagesthatsuck.com).  The list includes such horribly designed sites as: Havenworks, FabricLand, Yvette’s, Toto/Washlet, 5safepoints.com, and toyjoy.com.  I really wonder who designed a lot of those websites and why they thought it was a good idea.  I didn’t even bother going to them because just the sample image given on the website was enough to detour me.  These are the websites that all website designers should look at as the examples of what not to do! However, they do make for a good laugh!


Check Out Time’s Full List of the 50 Best Websites


Check Out the WORST websites of 2008 (There’s a Lot of Categories to Choose From so Have Fun and Learn what NOT to do!)



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